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How will scripts be judged?

All scripts, regardless of genre, will be judged on the following categories: Story Theme Structure Characterization Dialogue Description Clarity Originality

I already submitted my script, but I have a new version. Can I update my submission?

Many screenplay competitions do allow revision substitutions. Crooked Stick, however, is not prepared to offer that in its inaugural year. If you feel very strongly that your latest draft is definitely better than what you submitted, you can submit the new one, accompanied by its own entry fee. Both scripts/versions will undergo the same judging process. When submitting a newer draft, please denote that on the title page (like “June 15 revision”) so the judges can differentiate versions.

How should I format my title page?

Include your script title and credited writer(s). Contact info isn’t necessary, but feel free to include it. Many competitions will require you to remove your name from the title page, to make the judging more anonymous, and this is something Crooked Stick will consider for the future. We can assure you the judges will judge a script solely on the rubric above, not the name on the title page.

When is the deadline?

The final deadline is September 15th, 2020, and the submissions portal will close at 12:01 AM PST.

When will I get my feedback/notes?

Once winners are announced, please give the judging team about 3 weeks to email out the feedback.

Can you explain the academic eligibility requirements again? Real slow-like?

Sure! Only declared Cinematic Arts majors officially accepted into the program will qualify. For the academic year beginning August 2020, this includes: - Seniors - Juniors - and Graduating Seniors If you were a senior when you entered your script but you've since graduated, hooray! You're still eligible!

Can I enter my thesis script?

Yes! Produced or unproduced. It doesn't matter.

What about produced material?

Yes! In an effort to make this as accessible as possible and to find and reward good writing, any screenplay (produced or unproduced) may be entered. Thesis script, Cycle project scripts, that script you shot during the summer with your friends, yes -- you can submit it. Just make sure it's good.

Is this competition affiliated with Liberty University or the Cinematic Arts program?

No. This competition was conceived and is run by alumni. Liberty University does not sponsor us nor are they affiliated with us in any way. There is zero influence from the Cinematic Arts department on the judging or how the competition is run. It is totally alumni run and no Liberty employee will benefit in any way from this screenwriting opportunity.

Crooked Stick is not sponsored in any way by Liberty University or the Cinematic Arts, Zaki Gordon Center

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