It’s for you, the bright, creative wordsmith at the Cinematic Arts, Zaki Gordon Center. It’s a way for some invested alumni to offer a hand and maybe a leg up where possible. It’s so some of you can claim “award-winning screenplay” for your thesis or other short, or “award-winning screenwriter” on your website or resume before you even graduate. 


Your short screenplay won’t be up against hundreds of others from across the world or read by judges you’ll never meet. Instead, it'll be up against your friends’ and classmates’, other Juniors and Seniors. And your judges are a few alumni who are passionate about storytelling. 


Every screenplay will receive a paragraph or two of objective, constructive comments and insights from one of the judges. Place as a Finalist, and make that 1-2 pages of notes and feedback! 


So dust off that old ‘ideas notebook,’ pull up the ‘story ideas’ from your phone’s Notes, or hit the white board to craft a brand new story. 


We can’t wait to read what you’ve been working on.

Crooked Stick is not sponsored in any way by Liberty University or the Cinematic Arts, Zaki Gordon Center

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